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                                      Ancient crafts, archaic music and historical combat reenactment festival 
                                                                      THE GATES OF JOTVA
                                                                           6-7th July, 2012

Alytus castle was one of the most significant defence points in the River Nemunas castle defence chain in the 12th-14th c. The Nemunas most likely served as the northern and the northeast boundary of the lands of Jotva. Alytus was one of the border crossing points or customs at that time and could be called the gates of Jotva. 
Defence of this point played the key role in the very beginning of the Lithuanian state.

There will be plenty of action during two days of the festival: craft stalls, craftsmen contests, workshops, historical reenactment clubs’ programs, duel fights, battle reenactment, castle attack, ships attack, ancient, folk music and fire dancing shows.

Visitors will be invited to join the craftsmen at the craft stalls, dance at the stage and participate in ancient games.

We would like to invite and gladly welcome: 
All craftsmen – jewellers, armourers, blacksmiths, armour manufacturers, potters, weavers, production of birch bark goods, tablet weavers, leather, bone, horn and amber craftsmen and shoemakers, glass beads manufacturers, wood carvers, herbalists, and ancient medicine, ancient food and beverage makers, and other craftsmen;
Early/archaic or folk music ensembles and bands, individual musicians and old archaic musical instrument manufacturers, who can play one or another of the old instruments that were restored themselves, or who are interested in or have valuable collections of old instruments, which could be displayed during the festival;
Historical reenactment clubs and organizations engaged in early medieval battle reenactment and ancient martial arts, weapon and armour making who could collect 12th-13th century warrior clothing and equipment. Warriors are invited to form two camps: Balts- Crusaders.

... After breaking throughout the barriers on their way there was only one step towards the young State of Lithuania...
Come and support the last stronghold in Jotva!